Honbo store front

Those of you who know me know I'm not much of a burger person. But newly opened Honbo caught my eye for two reasons - its photo-worthy shopfront and its unconventional menu, featuring the likes of scallop and soft-shell crab burgers. I was sold. 

Honbo is an grassroots burger restaurant, using locally-sourced ingredients to make the finest burgers. Their vegetables are grown in Yuen Long and potato milk buns are baked "just 15 minutes away". The small joint is tucked away in the back of Wanchai on Star Street (scroll to the bottom for directions). 

The seasonal menu is simple and easily digestible (get it?) - 7 burgers options, sides, desserts, and there is a separate menu for beverages.

Honbo menu
Honbo scallop burger
Soft shell crab burger

The scallop burger consists of two perfectly pan-fried sashimi-grade scallops, piquant pico de gallo and Japanese mizuna (mustard greens). The scallops were fresh and sweet, cooked perfectly with the seared flavour really coming through. 

For the soft-shelled crab option, an entire crab is deep-fried and sits atop a bed of red cabbage slaw. The shell was light and crispy, revealing a soft and fleshy interior. 

Honbo sweet potato fries

Both orders of fries were delicious. Although unsightly, we preferred the sweet potato fries to the regular fries.  

Interior has a casual retro-American diner feel to it, especially with the neon One More Bite. Try to grab the seats at the front of the store to get a little sunshine with your meal. 

Explore the area around Honbo if you have time - there are a number of charming little shops and restaurants, like newly opened Pici for traditional homemade Italian pastas (watch this space as my review will be out later this week), Spoila quaint little restaurant famous for their crunch cake, TED's lookout for made-to-order burgers and lifestyle stores Monocle (they have the best travel guides) and Kapok for goods ranging from clothing to fragrances and stationery. 

Verdict? I'm not even a burger person but Honbo has had me sold. Their seafood burgers are some of the best burgers I've had in Hong Kong (if you try their beef burgers, let me know what you think!) and the adorable storefront is perfect for makeshift photoshoots. 

Honbo stay for one more bite

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All photos shot with an iPhone 7.

Shoutout to my food Instagramming bud Cristina for trying this restaurant with me! 

Tips and recommendations

  • Suitable for: casual dining with friends and family. Not suitable for large groups. 
  • Order: scallop burger, soft-shell crab burger, sweet potato fries. 
  • Tips: try to go early as they might sometimes run out of ingredients (they ran out of burger buns the afternoon of the day I went) since they're locally sourced. 

Contact details

  • Website:
  • Location: G/F, 6-7 Sun Street, Wanchai, but your best bet is taking the MTR and getting off at Admiralty. Either walk up a flight of stairs at Dominion Garden (right red arrow), or make your way up the slope past Elephant Grounds and make three turns (left red arrow)
  • Opening hours:  Tuesday - Sunday, noon - 10pm. Closed on Mondays. 
  • Menu: here
  • Reservations: no 
  • Wifi: yes

Two routes to Honbo - up the stairs at Dominion Garden or up the Wing Fung Street (Elephant Grounds slope). Click to enlarge.

Staircase at Dominion Garden, Wanchai. Image source. Click to enlarge.