Seoul Travel Diary

Seoul travel diary


A city rich in tradition and cultural heritage, yet a modern mecca for lovers of technology, design and (of course) K-pop, the capital of South Korea represents everything I love about a contemporary city. From the buzzing energy and striking architecture of Gangnam and Dongdaemun to the tranquil neighbourhoods of Bukchon Hanok Village and Samcheongdong where one can find numerous quaint tea cafes and art boutiques, Seoul instantly captured my heart. And I haven't even mentioned the food scene yet. Seoul is one of the few places I've travelled to where I have actually wanted to eat everything I saw on the street (did someone say naengmyun and bingsu???) Needless to say, four days here went by far too quickly and I'm eagerly counting down the days till I can go back.  

Follow me as I take a stroll down the memory lane and revisit my trip last September. You're in for a visual feast. 

My mom and I stayed at the breathtaking Park Hyatt Seoul, a minimalist and sophisticated boutique hotel at the heart of Gangnam. The top-floor lobby and infinity pool boast a stunning panoramic view of Seoul's skyline, perfect for watching breathtaking sunsets. The hotel's understated yet luxurious aesthetic was every bit up my alley and I struggled not to swoon at every little detail - calming natural oak, rain shower stone bathrooms and Aesop toiletries? Yes please

Park Hyatt Seoul Gangnam Hotel

A must-do when you visit Seoul is visit Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace. You can rent traditional Korean hanboks in this area and you get little perks by wearing them to certain places - free entry to attractions or perhaps chocolates with your coffee. 

Bukchon hanok village

South Korea is a foodie's heaven. From kimchi jigae (stew) to chimaek (fried chicken), naengmyun (cold noodles, my favourite) to bibimbap (mixed rice bowls) and endless amounts of street food, you're spoilt for choice.  I could go on forever listing out all the food you should try, but I've decided to move that to a separate post (coming soon).

One of my favourite and most memorable meals in Seoul was at Chaegundaam, a traditional Korean restaurant renowned for its vegetarian food, although they do have plenty of meat and seafood-based dishes on their menus. It was here that I tried pufferfish for the first time (delicious) and ate raw ginseng root (didn't agree with my taste buds so much). This was a meal that pushed the limits of my palate but in the most wonderful way, and I thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience. 

All this eating demanded long evening walks to burn off the calories, and the LED Rose Garden in Dongdaemun and banks of Cheonggyecheon Stream are perfect for that.  

Chaegundaam DDP Cheonggyecheon Stream Bingsu

The photos above only capture part of my trip. To get the full list and details of all the places I visited, head over to my Seoul City Guide (part 2 of this travel series). I've done the taxing research for you and curated some of the best ways to experience the city, so all you have to do is select what interests you, book a flight and enjoy your holiday! 

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All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S.

Shoutout to Jae, Minji and June - thank you for being the most incredible tour guides and for making my first time in Korea an unforgettable experience!