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The capital of Japan is one of my favourite cities in the world.

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Sahsya Kanetanaka

A stunning, stunning Japanese restaurant. The interiors are modern Japanese, very zen, feels light and airy. When the open the glass doors at the front, beautiful natural light and fresh air floods the restaurant, making for a truly relaxing and refreshing dining experience. They serve refined traditional Japanese food. The menu is on the last 2 pages of the slide show (zoom in). 

Location: It's by the huge Nespresso store at Omotesando Hills, you go into the small building and take the lift up to 2/F. Recommended to call and book in advance.

The Cafe by Aman Tokyo

The Cafe by Aman Tokyo

The Cafe by Aman Tokyo


This French restaurant-cafe has the most beautiful lighting - the walls are glass so it lets natural light filter in from outside and it's the most mesmerising thing. Everyone orders the crepes here during afternoon tea.  Remember to call and book in advance. Definitely pop upstairs into the Aman Tokyo to see the lobby!


The Restaurant by The Aman (Italian, 33/F or Lobby floor) is also pretty good - come here for lunch or afternoon tea. Beautiful views of Tokyo. 


To Eat & Drink


  • Saysha Kanetakana*

  • The Cafe by Aman*

  • Ukai Tei - best teppanyaki

  • Cedros, Daikanyama - Owned by two brothers who grew up in San Diego, this cozy seafood restaurant is “like Japan meets Italy meets California”

  • Hama (Roppongi) for beef Ukai for tofu, traditional restaurant in the heart of Tokyo

  • Yakumo saryo - elegant modern kaiseki. The brainchild of the ever-talented creative director, Shinichiro Ogata (best known for his interior work on Andaz Tokyo, Aesop and the elegant Wasara product line)

  • Higashi-yama - seasonal Japanese dishes, tempura, wagyu.

  • Fine dining: Florilege & Narisawa for French-Jap, L'Effervescence

  • Kaisendon at Tsujihan


  • Cafe Kitsune

  • Blue Bottle

  • Dawn Chan's recs (2-time HK barista champion, previously at Cupping Room, now owner of Amber Coffee Brewery): Fuglen, unlimited coffee tokyo, Nozy Coffee, Maruyama Coffee, Omotesando Koffee (now Koffee Mameya).


  • Hotel Trunk Bar

  • Aman Tokyo Bar

* = must go 

To shop

  • GINZA SIX - GINZA Tsutaya Books markets itself as the “World’s Best Art Bookstore” gosh do they have an impressive art, design, photography book selection (over 60,000, including 50 types of big rare, valuable and vintage texts). The Starbucks has a collection of books, art, fashion magazines and auction house catalogues.

  • Daikanyama T-site - a flagship Tsutaya Bookstore. Be sure to check out the Anjin Lounge

  • IMA concept store - photography gallery, cafe, bookshop

  • La Kagu - formerly a book warehouse, now store, cafe

  • Cibone - ceramics

  • Post - specialist bookstore

  • Natur - floral jewellery shop with a beautiful staircase 

To see & do 


  • National Art Center

  • Nezu Museum

  • 21_21 Design Sight

  • Hara museum of contemporary art

  • Pigment museum Tokyo

  • Ginza graphic museum


  • Imperial Garden


Cereal Magazine: 24 hours in Tokyo



  • % arabica Higashiyama

To shop